Despite its small size and overlap with the French Republic, the Principality of Monaco is an independent sovereign state, located on the coast of the French Riviera, and shares the border with France on three sides, and is located about 16 km from Italy, an area of ​​1.98 km, and a population of 38 thousand and 695 It is the most densely populated country in the world and one of the largest countries in the national income per capita with unemployment rate of 0%. Monaco is an emirate governed by a form of constitutional monarchy.Although Monaco is independent and seeks an independent foreign policy, the national defense rests with France.The emirate is currently ruled by Prince René III, who came to the throne in 1949, and married American actress Grace Kelly, who He had three children.

City of the wealthy

Before you think of visiting the Principality of Monaco, you must make sure that you have a respectable bank balance that you can enjoy on your expensive bill journey.Everything in this city is very expensive, from hotels, restaurants, to tourist places that are generally luxurious. Its mountainous nature, its location on the Mediterranean coast, and its proximity to the French Riviera and the nearby Italian border, have given it a unique beauty, a small town that can be visited all in one day, where you start your journey from the rocky coastline, which extends to a distance of 3.5 km, and you see during It is a breathtaking beach trip, and seagulls that land on your shoulders, singing their signature songs, stopping at dozens of restaurants scattered along the coast, and enjoying a mix of your special French and Italian meals, at prices that suit every level.

Wild life

If you are a fan of wildlife and exotic plants, and with a magnificent view of the sea, you can visit the exotic garden in front of the cathedral, which includes a wonderful collection of the rarest plants brought from all over the world, characterized by the city of Monaco, and you can take many photos of laurel trees Japanese cherry, cactus from the Canary Islands, and the Indian elephant tree. From the beach you can visit the city or the center of the town where the royal palace, which is the center of government, and the palace has a very distinctive view has been built on a high hill overlooking the coast of Monaco and his yachts anchored, and around the palace show you these picturesque beautiful gardens with beautiful plants and colorful flowers, which remain Pine and cactus trees.

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