Cockroach larvae for lunch on Kobe, November 22, 17:10 on Kobe

Last month, we found a cockroach larva in a case of lunch at an elementary school in Nishi-ku, Kobe. In addition, this week, another school lunch delivered by the same supplier was found to contain insects, and the school board apologized to the parents and changed the cooking of the rice to another supplier.

According to the Kobe City Board of Education, cockroach larvae were found on the 21st of last month at Sakuragaoka Elementary School in Nishi-ku, Kobe City, where lunch was served.

One larvae was found under the sheet placed in the case, and the rice was on the sheet.

On the 19th of this week, another school lunch delivered by the same company found an insect on a sheet of rice.

The school board apologized to parents for not reporting any children's health problems at any elementary school, and changed the cooking of rice to another business.

The City Board of Education says, “I am sorry that foreign matter is repeatedly mixed. I want to cooperate with the public health center to prevent recurrence.”