Today everything will stop in Morocco, especially in Casablanca, where the big and expected meeting between the two big Raja and Wydad, the return match in the "Casa Derby".

- Both teams are ready

For the summit .. Technical matters

The administrative is over ..

And the word when you guys.

An extraordinary day for the Moroccans .. Everything will stop, the fans will go to the stadium or sit in front of the television screens, while the streets will be empty, because everyone is eagerly waiting for this confrontation, especially since it bears the name of the Mohammed VI Cup, a tournament expensive for Moroccans, not to mention the great incentives. -If you win it.

When we talk about Moroccan football, we remember the legends who passed, especially the stars of the two teams and the days of the derby and the competition, whether in the league or the cup, and perhaps the game has a special character and luster, because it bears the name of the king, and the competition is old between the two teams, one of the oldest derbies in the Arab world .

When we talk about the Arab derbies and their strength, we talk about the power and excitement between Wydad nation and the People's Club of Hope, because everyone knows what is happening before the derby, especially on the platforms «Social Media», or in the beautiful cafes in Casa, Rabat, Marrakech, Agadir and Tangier.

Whoever visits the Great Maghreb knows that Moroccans are breathing a sport, especially football, and they love Barça and Real Madrid.

Technically .. The two teams are ready for this summit, and according to my follow-up, technical and administrative matters have ended, and the word in the players in the green rectangle, especially as the players know their roles and the value of this match, I think that one of the two teams will reach the final, and everyone knows the strength of hope and Waddad in terms of strength and strength of players The mass support is both significant and influential.

Beautiful in the derby The emergence of the legends of the two teams through sports programs, and in fact the fans missed them, because they were fun, whether in Wydad or Raja, generally the Arab follower on a date with a special evening enjoyable for the strongest derby in Africa in my opinion, and I think that today's game will be stronger From going according to indicators and data .. God behind the intent!

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