Egyptian artist Sabrine said that she was not originally wearing the hijab until she took it off.

Sabreen had previously published a recent photo of her without a veil on her Instagram official account.

She told Al-Bawaba News that she was basically not "loving" but was wearing a "turbine" - a headdress that resembled a hat.

Sabreen explained: "I just took off the Tarbouna and I was not veiled, and everyone knows that, especially that I am among members of my family live like this without Tarboun, and my decision to take it off and reappear with my hair I do not consider it a surprise."

She added that she is preparing a work of art that she considers a surprise to her audience and will announce its details later.

For her part, the artist Nashwa Mustafa expressed support for Sabreen's decision, stressing that what happened is "personal freedom."

Nashwa said in a post on her account "Facebook" that Sabreen artist upscale and generous, and do not talk about others badly, noting that Sabreen proved to be a star from her debut.

It is worth mentioning that Sabreen has played many roles in the championship, but her role in the series Umm Kulthum remains the most prominent so far in her career.