The Komodo Nature Reserve in Indonesia is known for the Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard, as well as the vast expanses of mountain hills, tropical rain forests, stunning sandy beaches and rich marine biodiversity.

Komodo lizards, described as the "last dragons of the earth", may reach three meters in length and weighing 70 kg, one of the most important attractions of the Komodo Nature Reserve, and although there are plans to close the main island Komodo to tourists, but not Implementation of these plans.

The attractions of the nature reserve are not limited to the Komodo lizard.It includes many other sights, which can be explored as best as possible during boat tours, which stretches for several days, where you can enjoy the soft sandy beaches and coral reefs rich in aquatic life.

The first stop

The three-day boat trips start from Labuan Bajo in Flores, and then sail to 10 places in the nature reserve. Kanawa Island is the first stop of the trip, with tourists enjoying the white sandy beaches and lavish turquoise waters.

In the afternoon, boats go deeper into the nature reserve, crew members offer different types of fish to tourists, as well as fried bananas as a sweet dish, after which the crew throws the anchor off the island of Rinka, the second largest island in the nature reserve.

If tourists want to take great pictures of the nature reserve, they must wake up early before sunrise, with a group of tourist boats arriving off the island of Badar, carrying at least 200 tourists, and then climb the tourists on the trail to reach the highest point of capture Pictures of some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Pink beach

On arrival at Komodo Island, tourists can enjoy the pink beach before watching the huge lizard.The sandy beach of this beach is pink due to coral reefs.This beach is ideal for swimming, diving and hiking along the beach, collecting oysters and taking great photos.

Visitors feel ecstatic before going to see the Komodo dragon, and tourists are transported by boat, check-in is done at the guard center, and the tour extends an hour by foot accompanied by a tour guide. The tour group was fortunate. No aggressive manifestations on the lizard.

Manta fish

As the journey draws to a close, cruise boats head to Manta Point, where the sea is open and the waters are brighter.Tourists can see the seabed.Experienced crew help tourists see huge sea creatures, where they can see the large fins of manta fish.

Once tourists look underwater, they see manta, up to three meters long, swim in the water a few meters away, along with other marine creatures.