Typhoon No.19 91 bags of decontamination waste stored in Fukushima and Tochigi leaked out on November 3 at 5:01

The heavy rain of Typhoon No. 19 last month showed that 91 bags of decontaminated waste that had been stored in Fukushima and Tochigi Prefectures were flowing into nearby rivers, and the Ministry of the Environment decided to verify the cause of the spilling out. It is.

Last month, Typhoon No. 19 showed that in Fukushima Prefecture, bags of decontaminated waste managed by the country and local municipalities were washed away from the temporary storage site to a nearby river.

When the Ministry of the Environment inspected all temporary storage locations, it was confirmed that 91 bags were leaked, including 90 bags in Fukushima Prefecture and 1 bag in Tochigi Prefecture.

By local government, in Fukushima Prefecture, 44 bags are temporarily stored in Kawauchi Village, 30 bags in Tamura City, 15 bags in Nihonmatsu City, 15 bags in Iizumi Village, which is managed by the country. It is one bag in the storage area.

Also, in Tochigi Prefecture, one bag that the town had kept was washed away on the premises of a house in Nasu Town.

Of these, at least 25 bags were found empty, and the waste seems to have leaked out of the bag, but according to the Ministry of the Environment, there was no effect on the surrounding air dose values. .

The Ministry of the Environment will install a fence in preparation for heavy rain in the temporary storage area, and will verify the cause of successive outflows.