Despite the intensity of the dispute, which reached the corridors of the courts, and the failure of many attempts to combine them, including the efforts of Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh, but the signs of serious reconciliation looming between the giants of the Gulf drama Nasser Al Qasabi and Abdullah Al Sadhan appeared clear, where the latter published via his Twitter account ), A video in which accompanied by a number of Saudi actors during the awards of entertainment makers, calling for his companion Nasser Al-Kasabi to smile to the camera

According to the newspaper "Okaz Saudi Arabia" that the recent court ruling obliging Al-Qasabi to pay 120 thousand riyals for Al-Sadhan, had a great impact in aborting the hopes of meeting again again, but their recent appearance opened the questions: Is the head of entertainment to save the two months from this end Or bring the two poles of Saudi art to the screen together, or is it just a compliment to the sight of the guests of the entertainment industry forum ended with the end of the ceremony, which included celebrities Arab stars