Minister of Education, Science and Technology “Insufficient preparation” English private exam September 25, 16:07

In an interview with the news media, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology emphasized the idea of ​​tackling the anxiety of students, such as the lack of preparation for the English private exam that will be introduced in the “university entrance examination” starting next year. .

In this, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, said, “I heard the voices of high school students through e-mails and school officials, but there are voices that I want to postpone because of anxiety, but there are also requests that I do not want to postpone it” .

After that, he said, “I can't deny a little lack of preparation. I want to respond boldly if there is something I need to mess with in order to relieve my anxiety,” and emphasized the idea of ​​tackling anxiety such as students.

In addition, in connection with the Tokyo Governor Election next year, he said, “Cooperation with Governor Koike is important for the success of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, but what to do next year ’s election is a completely different story.” .