The hexagonal variant of Rendez-vous in unknown land takes on Tuesday evening actress Cécile Bois in a remote region of the Hautes-Alpes. But as explained in the microphone of Europe 1 the host Raphael de Casabianca, the production did not know that it was subject to the fear of heights.


The show " Les Terres inconnues" , a French-French rendition of Rendez-vous en terre inconnu , which takes a celebrity to discover a remote region of France, will return tomorrow night on the second channel. After sending Malik Bentalha to the Cévennes, Nos Terres inconnues embraque in this second part a pair: Cécile Bois and Raphaël Lenglet, hero of the series Candice Renoir . Their destination: the Queyras, in the Hautes-Alpes.

"These are valleys, 2,000 inhabitants, 500 km2 and more than 28 peaks at 3,000 meters altitude", summarizes the microphone of Philippe Vandel, in Culture media on Europe 1, the presenter Raphael de Casabianca. "It's quite isolated and very complicated to go there, that's where Saint-Véran is, the highest municipality in Europe.This is a sometimes hostile terrain, because the mountain is very present, but it is also an opportunity to meet people who have decided to live in these elements, "he summarizes.

Cécile Bois, traumatized after a mishap in the mountains

Above all, this is the first time that the show chooses to follow a pair. "We thought that these heroes, who know each other extremely well in life, were extremely touching," says Raphaël de Casabianca. With a major challenge, however: the actress Cécile Bois has developed in childhood a phobia of the mountain, after getting lost during a family ride.

"We chose the destination without knowing that it was traumatized," says the host, still at the microphone of Europe 1. "We asked many questions because it was very physical, and finally we is said that if she accepted, this trip was an opportunity to overcome a trauma.I think she did well, and I do not think she regrets, "he says. How did Cécile Bois manage to overcome her fears? The answer tomorrow night at 9 pm on France 2.