Dr. Sawsan Al Madi, Director General of the Friends of Cancer Patients Society and Chairman of the Medical and Awareness Committee in the Pink Caravan, stressed that the Health Day of the Caravan represents an important opportunity to benefit from the Friends of Cancer Patients Association's active partnerships with the public and private sectors to enhance the society's efforts and ensure the achievement of the objectives of future initiatives. To help breast cancer patients across the state.

She called on public and private sector institutions to participate in the "Health Day", in conjunction with the International Month of Breast Cancer Awareness «Pink October».

Since the end of the ninth pink caravan march in March, many healthcare institutions have benefited from government and private companies in the country. The Pink Caravan medical team has provided lectures on breast cancer awareness and free examinations between April and September. 11 awareness activities targeting all emirates.

The Health Day also provided screening services to employees working in a number of government departments and private institutions in the UAE, including the Human Resources Department of the Government of Sharjah, Shalhoub Group, Ras Al Khaimah Courts Department, and the women's prison in Ras Al Khaimah.

More than 500 staff will participate in the lectures and clinics organized during the health day activities. A group of experts and specialists will benefit from the clinical examinations and mammograms in the campaign locations.

Dr. Sawsan Al Mady said: “Since its launch in 2011, the Pink Caravan has been able to detect 73 cases after more than 64,000 free clinical examinations were conducted in all regions of the country. Many of the patients we provide support have overcome the disease. "Today, a healthy and positive life."

She continued: «These efforts would not have been fruitful without the support of all individuals and institutions of society, where we have achieved many achievements, and we still have a lot to do, and believing in the need to mobilize efforts to achieve this lofty goal, we call on all institutions to embody and consolidate the principle of social responsibility in the State, through participation In the activities of the health day of the pink caravan ».

Among the institutions that have confirmed their participation in the month of October to date, Al Fahim Group in Abu Dhabi, Emirates International Aluminum branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and Al Hamra Group in Ras Al Khaimah.

The Pink Caravan was founded with the support and guidance of His Highness the Ruler of Sharjah, Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, Founding President of the Society of Friends of Cancer Patients, the Ambassador of the International Union Against Cancer of the Universal Declaration of Cancer, and the Ambassador of the International Union Against Cancer for Children. More than 64,000 clinical examinations, including 18,630 mammograms and 2,945 ultrasound examinations.

Iris last:

"Many of the patients we support have succeeded in overcoming the disease, and today they live a healthy and positive life."


A case of breast cancer was successfully discovered by the convoy.