“I can't hear the other,” Kendo adviser, student injured, rant, September 3, 21:19

A male teacher who serves as an advisor to the kendo club at a junior high school in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture, did not report to the principal of a schoolboy who injured the eardrum while instructing club activities. "I'm going to lose my ears."

According to the Takayama City Board of Education, a 31-year-old male teacher who serves as an advisor to the kendo club at Takayama City's Hieda Junior High School has been hit by a bamboo sword during a practice with a male student, causing injury to the eardrum. I did not report it to the principal.

From April to May, the same student was exposed to rants such as “I will not hear the other ear”.

The male teacher also said that other students were saying "Aho" and "Baka".

The teacher apologized to the students and their guardians and said to the survey, "It was a statement that I was going to encourage. The parents told me that they were practicing, so I decided that there was no need to report them." That is talking.

The Takayama City Board of Education gave verbal caution to the teacher and the principal, saying that “there was no corporal punishment, but there was too much guidance”.