More than 100 veteran and emerging artists, local and international, will gather in Dubai from September 11 to 14 at a group art exhibition organized by 2XL Furniture and Home Decoration as a tribute to the Year of Tolerance in the UAE.

Marketing director Amit Yadav said the exhibition will celebrate tolerance from the gateway to diversity, featuring highly varied artworks that will be created side by side to create intercultural links.

“We have received a great response to the exhibition, not only from local artists, but also from artists living in other parts of the world. Many artists will come from as far away as Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

He pointed to the presence of distinguished works from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, India and Iran, to participate in the exhibition.

Hosted by 2XL, the Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah, the exhibition will feature more than 300 works of art, featuring a message of tolerance.

Amit Yadav noted that each painting in the collection has a story to tell. "Although the subject is common, each artwork is different in intensity, and while some are simple, others are complex compositions."

Two-time winner of the Cannes Film Festival, Leonardo Dolphini, from Brazil, participates in the exhibition from Brazil and salutes the UAE through several pieces, such as "The New Man", "Brazilian Birds" and others.

The Pakistani artist, Sadaqat Pervez, presents historical sites in the UAE that he has visited through art pieces including: Jawad Abyad, Moving Brick and Dow.

"In all the Emirates, there is a wealth of ancient forts and historical sites waiting for any artist to express them in his paintings. At the exhibition, I will present a few selected pieces from the heritage collection drawn by the tribute to the history and culture of the UAE," he said.

While the Moroccan artist, Ishraq Bouzidi, shares drawings called "Connected" and "Meditation," Turkish Aisha Isra Olgun Mustafa, a tribute to the UAE, along with her mother Sainor Olgun, also an artist, where the mother and daughter displays paintings inspired by nature.

For her part, the British artist, Emma Skinner, believes that tolerance is linked to marine life, said: «We need to be more aware of the wonders of the sea and how our actions affect it, I do so through skilled formulations studied to be an echo of beauty, and highlight what can To be lost », and for this, call one of her paintings:« The ocean was silent .. Coral reefs from the wings of broken butterflies ».

The gifted Bulgarian child, Alessandra Teodorova (nine years), who lived in Dubai years ago, is present at the exhibition, sending a special request to show two of her paintings in the exhibition, which runs until September 14, and flowers are the central piece in the small talented works.

The Russian artist, Julia Smolinkova, will also attend specially from Moscow for the exhibition, carrying six paintings, the most prominent of which one called: «Dubai under the golden sky».

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While the artist, Rashid al-Mulla, focuses on the delivery of human feelings through his paintings that will be included in the exhibition, the artist, Fatima Hammadi, paintings puzzling acrylic, including: «harmony» and «dream».

The artist, Sarah Ben Hindi, shares a work that is the product of her emotional experiences mixed with her imagination and personal interpretation of these interactions.


Work, which will be included in the exhibition, which starts next September 11.