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Wrong evolution


“Fortunately, nothing can come of our“ mother’s revolutionaries ”in the form of a sparkling big top, which they themselves are at the moment of time, even during this evil evolution. If only the exact same “mother terrorists” (as they say in the people they despise, they won’t give birth to oranges from aspen) are completely worthless human material, excuse me. If you remember, even the Führer called his own failed Fuhrer “stupid rams”, pushing them to the barricades with kicks: they’re even more or less capable of taking selfies from the paddock “for fun”. But further - neither steal, sorry, nor guard. What kind of terrorism is there, to hell ... "

On Wednesday, August 7, the country suddenly felt itself on the verge of sinking even in the nineties, and in the eighties, and not in the 20th, but in the 19th century, when the “vector of struggle” changed in Russia. And the main method of the revolutionary struggle of the then people with bright faces, commoners and idealists, a kind of creative class of their time, was recognized as "individual terror", which was even natural somewhere.

Neither the "educational programs" of the then revolutionary democrats, nor their "going to the people" yielded any results. For a banal reason, the people, of course, wanted “land and freedom,” but not at all in the way these strange characters believed, making up a vanishing minority even among the educated class. And they brought to this very people a different, Westernized consciousness, which caused certain vague suspicions in that very “big people”.

Yes, such that the "democrats" of that time pretty soon became apparent: the people in their struggle for a bright "people's kingdom" is no ally. For beyond the prison, where he will gladly hand them over, this people will definitely not go anywhere for them.

And then a completely logical decision was made - to kill.

Not for the sake of the murder itself, or for the banal robbery there, but for introducing the "best part of the people" to the ideals of the revolutionary struggle.

What can I say: on Wednesday, August 7, 2019, the Moscow City Electoral Commission announced that it received a message about mining, which, fortunately, subsequently turned out to be false.

Here. Officially.

“The Moscow City Election Commission received a message demanding the release of all detained protesters and the threat of an explosion otherwise at 16:00. We declare that after conducting a dog screening of the building, no explosive devices were found. The Moscow City Electoral Commission is operating normally. ”

By the way, the press service of the IPCC separately emphasized that any attempts to pressure the Moscow City Election Commission will have quite serious legal consequences for their authors.

Well, what can I say? Congratulations to you gentlemen.

For no matter how "mummy", funny and "telephone" he may be, in any case, this, alas, is a real, real terrorist act with all its legal attributes.

Up to the clearly stated political goal of the terrorist threat itself.

Unfortunately, sooner or later something similar we should have expected. It just so happened that terror as a method is a completely logical endpoint for the evolution of any aggressive but weak minority. It doesn't matter social, ethnic, religious. Yes, even gender. And as for the heirs of the Russian raznochintsy of the middle of the XIX century (excuse me, the "Russian democratic intelligentsia"), then who in general, except the Bolsheviks, at least once condemned the "individual terror"? Therefore, traditions are there.

So, over time there will be those who want to revive them ...

Everything is simple here: terrorism is the weapon of losers, or, as our pale-faced overseas brothers say, “pissed losers”. Those who beautifully kill and beautifully (sometimes) die, not only not hoping to at least “see a victory”, but also without any hope that their “just cause” will ever win.

That the ideas for which they sow death will find their material or social embodiment.

That is, in fact, terrorism as a method of struggle is the weapon of those who care about the process, not the result, and they always lose sooner or later, simply because they have absolutely no need to win.

There are a lot of historical examples.

That is why the method of “individual terror” was not only rejected, but also strongly condemned by the Bolsheviks, headed by Lenin. Our contemporaries also have quite a lot of questions for these guys, but they did not make a revolution on the “Olympic basis”, but solely in order to win it, in this very revolution.

Because their task was not the revolution in itself, but the construction of a certain social order, whether someone likes it or not (I personally don’t really, but this is exclusively my business). Accordingly, they were also very pragmatic about the revolution: they needed power as a tool with which they could set up their social experiments.

And the revolution for them was just a way to take this power - in itself, the “rr-revolutionary romance” of the Bolshevik elite, except, perhaps, Trotsky, did not cause much nervous delight.

Done - and good.

The revolution here, in fact, is not an end in itself, but only a certain (albeit important) stage on the way to the result of interest.

Which one?

Well, if it’s so interesting, read the VKP (b) program. Everything is quite clearly stated there.

Regardless of who and how much they liked the result they achieved.

Therefore, in fact, they won ... Despite the fact that among the "revolutionary palette" of those years they were even less popular after the November events than, for example, the same Socialist Revolutionaries.

Because, unlike everyone else, they clearly knew what exactly and why they were doing it.

That's basically it.

By the way, please pay attention that we do not give moral, political, or any other assessments in this text: we are talking exclusively about social technologies and the laws of the peculiar evolution of any “revolutionary strata” (the Bolsheviks are more likely an exception , the author specifically emphasized this, but the “current” ones here are anyone, but definitely not the Bolsheviks). Generated or “reborn” by the underground, underground consciousness, its stuffy atmosphere. Having, as a rule, neither a coherent positive program, nor the support of the majority, they are simply obliged to sooner or later crystallize inside themselves first “combat cells” (at least self-defense, at least some more), which can eventually turn into assault squads, or, alas, master terrorist methods of struggle.

Any, not necessarily associated with "conditional explosions", up to informational "false bookmarks" or fabrication of fakes, the most vile and painful. And at best, capable of spreading fear, panic and violent negativity: this is the same, in fact, terrorism, only informational. And from him to the actual “formation of informational occasions,” as those who called the electoral commission did, one small step.

What is comforting here.

Fortunately, even in the course of this evil evolution nothing good can come of our “mother's revolutionaries” in the form of a sparkling big top, which they themselves are today. If only the exact same “mother terrorists” (as they say in the people they despise, they won’t give birth to oranges from aspen) are completely worthless human material, excuse me.

They, if you remember, even the Führer called his own failed Fuhrer “stupid rams”, pushing them to the barricades with kicks: they are even more or less capable of taking selfie from the avtozak “for fun”. But further - neither steal, sorry, nor guard. What the hell is terrorism here ...

And if we take into account the fact that, alas, the reality is that our special services had to undergo practical training in the fight against real, real, and not “mother’s” terrorists, then there is clearly no reason to wait for a serious threat here.

But to forget where, according to objective social laws, in theory, these “revolutionary strata" should evolve, is by no means worth it. Just at least in order not to regret anything after that.

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