Winter weather in Bavaria: Many rail lines in the south completely closed

The heavy snowfall causes massive problems for people in southern Germany. In Upper Bavaria, many schools are out of class, and train services are stopped on numerous routes.

The people of Bavaria and Austria continue to struggle with the hardships of winter. In southern Bavaria, the settlement Buchenhöhe in Berchtesgaden and the municipality Jachenau are largely cut off due to snow, but are sufficiently supplied with food.

Many schools, especially in the district of Upper Bavaria, have their lessons canceled for safety reasons. For example, the district of Berchtesgadener Land reports on Thursday morning that all schools will be closed. Almost all schools are affected in the district and in the city of Rosenheim. Parents of primary and secondary school pupils are free to send their children to class. Even individual schools in the districts of Ebersberg and Prien are affected.

The teachers still have to stay in the school, according to the Ministry of Culture. For them, usually a duty of service. In addition, they are responsible for the care of students who come to school despite difficult conditions

Passengers of the regional trains south of Munich have to adjust to considerable disabilities. Because of the heavy snowfall, numerous routes in the foothills of the Alps, in the districts of Traunstein and still in Garmisch-Partenkirchen are completely closed. In the district of Miesbach, the Bayrische Oberlandbahn (BOB) has ceased operations in Tegernsee, Schliersee and Bayrischzell. This was announced by a spokesman for the train in the morning.

Mainly trees that have fallen because of the snow load on tracks and overhead lines, the problem. For main lines of the train, such as from Munich to Austria or Augsburg, there are no problems. According to a spokesman, it can come here at best isolated to points disturbances.

In Austria, several places are not accessible - including Galtür in Tyrol. The highest warning level applies in large parts of the state of Salzburg.

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Snowfall in Austria: avalanche warning level 2 to 5

Six German pupils were caught on Wednesday in the Austrian ski resort Wildkogel by an avalanche and partly buried. They survived the incident almost unhurt. In St. Anton died a 16-year-old German-Australian in an avalanche departure.

For days it has snowed again and again, especially in the Alps. There is also the second highest avalanche warning level for Thursday. (Read more about the danger of avalanches here).

According to the German Weather Service, snow must be expected at least in the middle of next week, especially in the Alpine region. A current severe weather warning due to heavy snowfall is valid until Friday.


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