Tax Fraud: Prosecution raises charges against Shakira

Already in January, the pop singer was targeted by tax inspectors. Now it gets serious for Shakira: The prosecutor in Barcelona accuses her to have evaded 14.5 million euros in taxes.

The Barcelona Public Prosecutor's Office has filed a lawsuit against Colombian pop singer Shakira for tax fraud. The 41-year-old is accused of having passed around 14.5 million euros in the Spanish taxpayer between 2012 and 2014, reported the newspaper "El País". In total, the artist would be charged with six offenses.

Her lawyers had already rejected the allegations in advance. Shakira owed no money to the Spanish authorities because she had not lived in Spain during that period, their spokespeople said a few days ago. She spent most of her time outside Spain, earning most of her revenue on international tours.

"Hips do not lie"

Already in January it had become known that the singer ("Hips Do not Lie") was targeted by the Spanish Agencia Tributaria. She has been involved with Spanish football star Gerard Piqué of FC Barcelona for eight years and has two children with him.

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Tax affair for Shakira: Residence Bahamas?

According to the authorities, Shakira is said to have spent more than six months a year in Catalonia during the period in question and therefore to have been liable to tax in Spain. According to the prosecutor's office, she is said to have lived in the Bahamas. The singer has been officially resident in Spain since 2015.