Christmas classic: British bar owner banishes "Last Christmas" from 231 pubs

Many love, but almost as many people hate "Last Christmas". A British pub owner has now banned the song in all its stores.

Hardly a Christmas song evokes so many different opinions as "Last Christmas". The numerous fans of the "Wham" song carry it into the German single charts year after year, but with just as many people, the classic meets with rejection. In English pubs, many visitors are likely to enjoy the song in the coming days.

The "Fuller's" chain, which is widespread in England, has banned "Last Christmas" in all its 231 pubs until December 25th - if the song is still to be played, the owner Jonathan Swaine promises customers a free beer. This is reported by the British newspaper "The Sun".

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British pub "Fuller's"

The idea came to the entrepreneur when he listened to the radio station "Absolute Radio". There the listeners are currently participating in "Whamageddon". The goal of the game is not to hear "Last Christmas" until Christmas Day. Given the omnipresence of the song an almost impossible task.

In the social networks, the action enjoys great popularity. Under the hashtag #whamageddon, Twitter users share how they try to escape the song. Of course, this does not always work.

I got it today. Christmas Party @sportschau #whamageddon

- Oliver Hinz (@HausHinzki) December 10, 2018

"Last Christmas" is one of the most successful Christmas carols in the world. The 1984 released song, written among others by the deceased pop star George Michael in 2016, has made it 130 times in the German charts - more often than any other song.