<Anchor> As the

buffet, which was difficult to use due to corona, is reopening, more and more customers are visiting.

Due to the anxiety of not knowing when it will close again, the buffet industry has come up with new measures.

This is reporter Jeong Da-eun.


Korean buffet in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Samsam Ooh lunch is in full swing.

The re-proliferation of the corona had to close the buffet for close to two months, but after the distance has eased, the number of guests is gradually increasing.

[Hye-mi Yoon/Buffet manager: The number of customers visiting the store has recovered to 80% compared to before the coronavirus.

On weekends, the seats are full, and there are times when waiting.]

First, it was a little breathless, but it is too early to be relieved.

Due to the large number of vacant seats due to the distance between the tables, and losses accumulated during the business suspension period, it is expected that it will take time for the sales to recover.

We are preparing for a case in which quarantine prevention is reinforced by completely changing the nature of the buffet meals that have many contacts.

Change the buffet menu to a table set for one person using a personalized furnace, etc.

[Lee Young-bok/Buffet manager: In line with social trends, we changed the representative menu of the buffet style to a one-person class and released it.] The

staff does not move customers

and serves

directly to the table.

[Buffet users: It seems more comfortable to eat alone. It seems that it is easier to sit and eat without having to go back and forth.]

Competition to develop the buffet menu as a home-style meal that has recently been rapidly increasing in market size is also fierce.

There is an increasing number of menus that are packaged and delivered upon order.

Buffet restaurants are trying to transform themselves to survive amid the prolonged coronavirus.

(Video editing: Seongwon Ha, VJ: Hyunwoo Park)