Start the sale in advance and extend the sale period, strengthen online and offline integration, and live broadcast e-commerce is the highlight——

This year's "Double 11" shopping festival has new ways to play

  Our reporter Wang Yichen

  In the early morning of October 21, the 2020 Tmall Double 11 global carnival season pre-sale began.

According to statistics, there are nearly 300 million people staying up all night in the live studios of Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi alone.

On October 19th, the 2020 JD Double 11 promotion event also kicked off early.

  The sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic has caused a serious impact on the economy, but it has also fully demonstrated the vitality of the digital economy.

As an annual consumer drama, this year's "Double 11" shopping festival has high expectations, and it is also a bright spot compared to previous years.

  The biggest change in Tmall’s “Double 11” this year is the advance sale and extension of the sale period.

This year, Tmall’s “Double 11” set up two sales periods, and there will be two waves of sales from November 1st to 3rd and November 11th.

  Han Rui, head of the platform business center of JD Retail Group, said that the "2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season" officially started on October 21 and ended on November 11 for a period of 22 days.

  Behind the longer time is more goods.

Tmall President Jiang Fan said that 14 million products are expected to participate in this year’s "Double 11" event, an increase of 40% over last year; 5000 fast-growing new brands will bring a variety of products to consumers, 2000 This industry belt will also participate in the event for the first time.

Han Rui said that the "2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season" will bring consumers over 200 million 50% off products and over 300 million new products.

  The biggest change in Double 11 this year may be offline.

It is reported that during the "Double 11" period on Tmall, Alipay will launch the "City Life Carnival" for the first time. 2 million merchants from, Fliggy, Damai and other platforms will launch 50% off activities, including catering, wine travel, Offline consumer supply including entertainment and medical beauty.

At the same time, Tmall "Double 11" will create a one-hour living circle in more than 200 cities, and mobile phones, trendy shoes, luxury goods, etc. can be delivered within one hour as soon as possible.

  "'Double 11' is the most important consumption festival of the year. Alipay launched the main venue of urban life, hoping to feed back the online consumption power of'Double 11' to offline, so that offline service industry merchants can also seize this wave of growth. Opportunities." said Hu Xiaoming, CEO of Ant Group.

  “As of September this year, Intime Department Store’s digital membership has doubled compared to last year and has approached 20 million. In the case of weak global physical business growth, Intime Department Store’s performance has not fallen but increased.” Intime Commercial Group CEO Chen Xiaodong said that the previous growth of Intime Department Store Mainly rely on scale expansion.

Relying on new retail and digital technology, Yintai successfully broke through the geographical location and time limitations of the department store industry, and ran a second growth curve online.

  According to reports, in this "2020 JD 11.11 Global Love Season", JD will unite 3.2 million offline store resources to provide online and offline services at the same price and same quality, including JD Electric Super Experience Store and JD Electric City Flagship Store , 15,000 JD home appliance specialty stores, over 600 computer and digital specialty stores, 1,000 JD Auto Club stores, nearly 100 JD Pharmacy stores and JD Health-Alliance Pharmacy, etc.

  As the official supply chain of Tmall, the Cainiao supply chain is also ready.

As of October 21, nearly 10 million tons of "Double 11" commodities have been stocked into the rookie warehouse, nearly double the scale of 2019.

"Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China's domestic demand market has become a new hope for global business. In order to seize the strongest business growth opportunity this year, hundreds of thousands of brands and millions of merchants in China and around the world are stocking their products into warehouses." Said Huang Wei, general manager of the supply chain.

  The "Double 11" shopping festival has always been a battleground for major e-commerce platforms. The difference is that compared to the previous feature of pure e-commerce, live e-commerce will be the highlight this year.

Xinchuan, the head of Taobao Live MCN, revealed that during the "Double 11" period this year, Taobao Live will launch an official product pool to build a fast communication bridge between the host and the goods.

The "Taobao Live Number" star train that received the most attention during Tmall's "618" period will also "depart" again, and hundreds of celebrities will enter the live broadcast room to interact with goods.

  Business live broadcast will undoubtedly become a new flashpoint for this year's "Double 11".

KPMG’s questionnaire survey showed that more than 64% of brand merchants said that it is better to bring goods in their live broadcast rooms.

During this year's "Double 11" period, the presidents of many well-known brands will walk into the Taobao live broadcast room to chant and bring goods for their own products.

  During the Tmall "618" period 4 months ago, merchant live broadcast accounted for 70% of the overall transaction volume of Taobao live broadcast.

Will this year's "Double 11" account increase further?

Xinchuan believes that not only the proportion, but also the duration and the number will usher in a big increase in this year's "Double 11", and drive the new outbreak of the overall live broadcast e-commerce.

  For the upcoming "Double 11", Douyin and Kuaishou are also well prepared.

According to reports, during the "Double 11" period, Douyin will achieve accurate traffic placement, and also launched a series of measures to support businesses.

During the event period from October 30 to November 11, Kuaishou e-commerce will launch activities such as collecting cards to distribute 100 million yuan in cash, and work together to promote and promote from online to offline.

  Wang Yichen