Microsoft update service agreement "stop supply to China"? Microsoft responds: Our commitment to providing services to Chinese users is unwavering

  [Global Times-Global Net Reporter Fan Lingzhi] Microsoft is going to cut off the supply to China? On the 9th, there were rumors on Chinese social media that Microsoft had updated its service agreement on its official website, stating that if Microsoft is unable to perform or delay in performing its obligations due to force majeure, Microsoft will not bear any responsibility or obligation. There are even interpretations that Microsoft recently amended the agreement urgently, implying that if the US government issues an injunction against Microsoft, Microsoft may withdraw its supply to China without providing any compensation.

  In this regard, Microsoft said in a statement to the Global Times-Global Network on the 10th that “recently, some individual social media rumors about the global update of Microsoft’s terms of service do not conform to the facts. Our commitment to provide services to Chinese users Persevere".