His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister, in his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, has issued Law No. 5 of 2020 regarding the Dubai Real Estate Institute, which aims to develop the capabilities of workers in the real estate sector to enhance its competitiveness, sustain its growth, and qualify cadres National to practice real estate activities efficiently and professionally, and spreading real estate knowledge, in order to raise awareness in real estate affairs among all groups dealing in this sector, and to establish a culture of innovation and creativity, to keep pace with changes and to anticipate the future of the real estate sector in Dubai.

The provisions of this law apply to the Dubai Real Estate Institute, established by Law No. (13) for the year 2012 as a public institution, which has the legal personality and legal capacity necessary to conduct business and actions that ensure the achievement of its goals, to be attached to the Department of Lands and Properties in Dubai.

The terms of reference of the institute

The law defines the powers and powers of the Dubai Real Estate Institute in support of achieving its goals. These powers and powers include: encouraging citizens to increase their participation in various real estate activities, qualifying them and developing their skills, and preparing and implementing various real estate training programs to qualify workers in the real estate market, whether at the local, regional or international level , From developers, real estate brokers, and other real estate practitioners, in accordance with the best international standards and practices followed in this regard, organizing seminars, workshops, and real estate conferences, which aim to discuss issues related to the real estate market, and suggest appropriate strategies and solutions for them, as well as developing and implementing awareness and training programs In coordination with the authorities concerned with the real estate sector in the emirate, especially in the field of the rights and duties of the parties involved in this sector, and building a knowledge-based real estate economy with initiatives and plans that support the continuity of education and skills development, and raise the rate of competitiveness of the real estate sector.

Qualification certificates

The Institute undertakes, in accordance with the law, to issue and grant qualification certificates for real estate activities practitioners and real estate service providers, and to provide consultations related to the training needs of specialized real estate cadres, with a view to qualifying and developing their competencies and practical skills, and the formation of work teams and real estate groups, including people with experience in various real estate specialties, To provide opinion and advice on the issues presented to the institute, to prepare and publish real estate research and studies, to cooperate with local, regional and international universities and institutes to enhance real estate knowledge, and to provide training programs that serve the sustainable development of the real estate sector in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Dubai Real Estate Institute also specializes in participating in local, regional and international real estate conferences, joining regional and international real estate associations and organizations, with a view to exchanging experiences, knowing the best practices that increase the competitiveness of the real estate market, and proposing policies, regulations and incentives that enhance the implementation of programs and initiatives necessary to raise awareness Real estate sector.

The executive

The law stipulates the executive body of the Dubai Real Estate Institute, which consists of the executive director and a number of administrative, financial and technical employees, in respect of which Law No. (8) of 2018 regarding the human resources management of the Dubai government, and the decisions issued pursuant thereto, and the institute shall have an executive director appointed by a decision of the president The Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai, and the Executive Director undertakes the administration of the institute and the organization of its various affairs, in a manner that ensures the achievement of its goals, and for that purpose it may do the following: Prepare the general policy of training at the institute and its strategic plans, and submit it to the Director General of the Land and Property Department for approval, follow up on its implementation, and prepare The organizational structure of the institute and its submission to the general manager for approval, in preparation for its approval by the competent authorities in the emirate.

Terms of reference

The Executive Director of the Dubai Real Estate Institute is also concerned with proposing regulations organizing the institute to work in financial and administrative aspects, and proposing regulations organizing training programs held by the institute, as well as proposing the annual plan of the institute regarding curricula, programs, decisions, training courses, workshops and seminars, and the conclusion of contracts, agreements and memoranda of understanding for the institute, and a proposal Projects, initiatives, activities and programs that contribute to achieving the goals of the institute, and enable it to carry out its powers determined by this law and the decisions issued pursuant thereto and the legislations in force in the emirate, and submit them to the Director General of the Land and Property Department for approval.

Law enforcement

The President of the Dubai Executive Council issues the necessary decisions to implement the provisions of this law, which replaces Law No. 13 of 2012 establishing the Dubai Real Estate Institute. Any text in any other legislation is repealed to the extent that it conflicts with the provisions of this law, and it is published in the Official Gazette, and it works The date of its publication.

The institute aims to develop the capabilities of real estate workers to enhance its competitiveness and sustain its growth.

Qualifying the national cadres to practice real estate activities in a highly professional and efficient manner and spreading real estate knowledge.

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