Oldness and tax payments with unnecessary brand products Support for local governments to take measures against new corona measures June 4, 16:07

In order to support local governments who are chased by the new coronavirus, we have begun efforts to sell unused brand products and make donations through the hometown tax payment system.

This was started by the trust bank, which operates the hometown tax payment site, in collaboration with a company that provides home-delivery purchase services for branded products.

A user puts out unused clothes, bags, and other brand-name items through a dedicated site to a purchase service, and when the sale is completed, the purchase amount will be donated to the local government as the hometown tax payment.

It means that the donation will be used for the new coronavirus countermeasure business of each local government, such as support for medical institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises. Currently, you can choose to donate from five local governments in Tokyo and Chiba, such as Tokyo's Setagaya Ward, and we plan to increase the number of local governments in the future.

With the spread of infections increasing the amount of time spent at home, the company wants to be able to easily donate unnecessary branded products that have emerged in the organization of rooms.

Mr. Nobuto Hosaka, the Mayor of Setagaya Ward, who participated in an online press conference, said, ``Since the number of infected people in Setagaya Ward is higher than in the whole country, a large amount of masks etc. to be distributed to medical sites are needed, so donation I want to devote my money to prevent the so-called second wave."