To alleviate congestion "Continue to cooperate in telework and time difference work" Minister of Foreign Affairs June 2, 10:58

Minister for Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism will reduce congestion at a news conference on the 2nd that the number of users during the morning commuting time on railways and other transportation facilities has gradually increased since the declaration of an emergency situation was lifted nationwide. Therefore, we urged companies and users to continue cooperating to tackle telework and time lag.

Among them, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism said, "I have been expecting that companies will go into full-scale operation and many schools will restart from this month, so I am worried that my commuting will be concentrated." Said.

In addition, Minister Akabane said, ``Most large companies are reconsidering work styles based on telework, but I would like small and medium-sized companies and manufacturing companies who have difficult telework to avoid the rush of commuting to work by staggering work as much as possible. Since there are limits to infection control measures by transport operators alone, we would like to ask our users to continue cooperating even after the declaration of an emergency is lifted." We asked for cooperation to tackle telework and staggered hours.