Starting today (1st), the government will operate an electronic access list system in entertainment facilities such as clubs and karaoke. This is to pinpoint who has been and when, and the contact information of the person. Let's connect a reporter on the street in front of Hongdae in Seoul.

Reporter Ahn Sang-woo, it is said to use a QR code, but please explain in detail.


Yes, there are many karaoke rooms, clubs, and facilities like Hunting Pocha in front of Hongdae.

Previously, to enter these facilities, visitors used their guestbooks by leaving their name and mobile phone number, but now it is changed to using a mobile phone to leave an electronic guestbook.

First, visitors are issued a single-use QR code without entering any personal information from the portal site app, etc.

When presented to the facility manager, the visitor's name, contact information, facility name and access time are encrypted and stored as a visit record.

The saved records are used for epidemiological investigations such as cases of confirmed persons at the facility, and are destroyed after 4 weeks.

The government decided to pilot the electronic access list system using QR codes in Seoul, Incheon, and Daejeon's clubs, karaoke rooms, and movie theaters from 7 pm this evening, and it will be mandatory for all high-risk facilities nationwide starting on the 10th. .


And in Gyeonggi-do, orders were given to funeral and wedding ceremonies for the next two weeks. Do you mean not to go there? What does it mean?


Yes, Gyeonggi-do issued a collective restraint administrative order to a multi-use facility such as a funeral hall or a wedding hall where people were frequently flocked but safety management was difficult, as well as a distribution warehouse or a call center where mass infection cases occurred.

Under this administrative order, these facilities can only be opened if they comply with the quarantine regulations for the next two weeks.

If any violation of the quarantine rules is found during the inspection process, the company decided to review the business suspension, charges, and claims for compensation.

(Video coverage: Jongsoo Hong, Video editing: Yumira)