In April, it was found that the volume of apartment deals in Seoul decreased by a third compared to that of March.

According to the Seoul Real Estate Information Plaza today (31st), the number of apartment deals reported in Seoul last month was 3,11,000 on a real contract basis.

This is a 32% decrease from the 4,410 contracts in March.

In the market, since the announcement of the 12/16 countermeasures last year, the trading volume of 'high-priced homes' of more than 1.5 billion won and the low and low-priced homes of less than 900 million won in the non-Gangnam region continued to increase in February. I see it as contracted.

Looking at Seoul apartment deals last month, Geumcheon-gu decreased by nearly 70% from 177 in March to 54 in April, and 52 cases in Dongjak-gu, -56% compared to the previous month, and 76 cases in Seongdong-gu -49%.

In the case of 'Gangnam 3-gu,' Seocho-gu and Songpa-gu reported contracts last month to 92 and 128, respectively, a decrease of 21% and 14% compared to the previous month, and Gangnam-gu's 147 cases, up 9% from the previous month.

(Photo = Yonhap News)