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government issued recommendations to refrain from operating from the day after the 2nd, so-called Hunting Pocha, which was often said to be anxious. Even if you open it, you have to follow the instructions, and if you break it, you will be closed. Starting June 10th, if you want to go there again, the system will be changed to get a one-time electronic identification card in advance and take it at the entrance.

This is reporter Yoo Duck-ki.

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this time, the high-risk facilities with the recommendation of the operator system are eight industries including entertainment facilities such as hunting forts, emotional pubs, and collatech, indoor collective sports facilities, and indoor standing performance halls.

These facilities should be kept out of operation as much as possible, but if they are inevitably opened, they must strictly follow the quarantine rules.

If this is violated, a fine of 3 million won or less will be imposed on the employer or user, and in effect, an order to ban the collective action will be given.

With the recommendation of the operator system, a QR code electronic entry list, that is, an electronic guestbook is mandatory from June 10th.

The electronic guestbook will be piloted for 19 multi-use facilities, including high-risk facilities in Seoul, Incheon, and Daejeon, and library cinemas for a week starting tomorrow.
[Park Neung-Hoo / Minister of Health and Welfare: Information is destroyed automatically after 4 weeks of epidemiological investigation.]

Meanwhile, the quarantine authorities conducted on-site inspections of 20 distribution centers in the metropolitan area in the last two days following the collective infection of the Coupang Distribution Center. We have found 135 cases of inadequate prevention management.

[Kim Soo-sang / Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Logistics Policy Officer: The operation of designating a dedicated quarantine manager is insufficient, the part where (some workers) do not wear a mask, and the part that keeps the distance between workers during break time ... .] The

quarantine authorities said that it would be important to block the chain of infection in the metropolitan area in the next 1-2 weeks, and said they plan to strengthen quarantine management in more than 4,300 locations including courier terminals and food storage warehouses.

(Video coverage: Sunghwa Hwa and Mincheol Kim, Video editing: Yumira, CG: Cho Soo-in)