"There is no place for competitors without innovating or presenting new creative and innovative ideas, because it is the way people can be the best." She included qualitative job transfers until she reached her current position.

Both parties told «Emirates Today» that “the first important station in my academic life is my bachelor’s degree in law and Sharia in 2000, while the first important step in my working life was to work for the insurance authority as a legal researcher in 2012, and then after that For several years, I was assigned to head the Follow-up and Implementation Department, which was a qualitative leap in my career. ”She added:“ Also, my daily work and performing it with my colleagues in all honesty in serving my country is a renewed station every day in my practical experiences and a bright step that I add to my career. ”

She continued: “I have the conviction that government work in the state in light of a leadership vision that strives to achieve the goals and overcome challenges and direct towards the future and happiness of the public, is a source of inspiration and motivator towards working with determination and determination to serve my country, which I consider an honorable duty for us, and it also serves as an honorable duty for us. Part of Jameel’s giving, support, and support from the wise leadership in the state returned to the people of the country in all respects and areas.

She added: “We learned that we are not satisfied with less than the first place, and that the summit is for those who seek it. Therefore, I put this approach in mind in achieving my ambition at the level of the department and administration so that the follow-up and implementation department becomes a leadership role at the level of the insurance sector, and that it contributes with the rest of the departments and departments to enhance the position The Insurance Authority at the global level, as I always strive in my work to consolidate this approach with my colleagues and work team, and to emphasize work with the spirit of one team, and to harness all our energy, capabilities and ideas to reach the first position, because success opens a new door to another success and increases our desire to help Others ».

Both parties said: “As I learned throughout my career, that through my work position, I can serve my community by achieving safety for customers and the public, by strengthening the commitment of companies that provide insurance services to the laws and rules of the profession.”

And on the most important advice that she directed to young people to enable them in the job market, she added: “I learned in my career that it is not impossible with work, perseverance and diligence, so I advise the new generation of young people to set success as a goal in work.”

She pointed out that, at the present time, with the intensity of competition globally in all areas of life, it is necessary to strive to provide new innovative ideas that serve the workplace, there is no place for competitors without innovation and without providing new creative innovative ideas, it is the way that enables people to be the best In addition to working with the spirit of one team and cooperation, the great acceleration in work in its various sectors needs innovative endless ideas for competition and creativity, and no single individual in the work system can bring these ideas, but cooperation and work must be done in one spirit. ”

My parties continued: «Young people must arm themselves with knowledge in the field of work and fields related to work, and knowledge in the legal sciences is not sufficient for competition and creativity, but armament with other diverse knowledge sciences such as knowledge of information technology in order to open new horizons in work and be able to reach leadership and first place, Today we live in a culture of rapid change, and for this we need the pioneering ambitious youth that stimulates his thinking and abilities by anticipating the future and working through its dimensions. ”

She stressed the need for young people to develop a vision for their profession and jobs so that they can know the direction in their work, and that they have something to guide them in moments of change.

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