The Inspectorate SZW and FIOD will jointly investigate whether the parties misuse the aid measures that the government has introduced because of the corona virus. It has been agreed with the Public Prosecution Service that suspects will be brought to justice quickly, both organizations report on Friday.

"Fraud is unacceptable. It disadvantages employees and companies that really need it and are entitled to it. And with it, it harms the entire society," said the Inspectorate SZW in a press release.

The organizations cite that government measures to combat the economic damage of the coronavirus have been rapidly implemented and have been greatly simplified. This also increases the likelihood of abuse.

To date, more than 70,000 applications for emergency support have been received by the UWV, as part of the Emergency measure bridging for the preservation of employment (NOW).

Employers with a loss of turnover of at least 20 percent can use this scheme, so that they can continue to pay wages.

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