Private investors are buying stocks on an unprecedented scale amid uncertainties over the stock market in the aftermath of the infectious disease. Financial authorities continue to warn that investment needs to be prudent.

Reporter Chan-Keun Park on the sidewalk.


As KOSPI, which had risen to nearly 2,300, plunged to 1,400 units in just one month, funds from individual investors and 'ants' flowed into the stock market.

Investors' deposits to buy stocks increased by 14 trillion won last month alone, and during this period, net purchases of ants exceeded 11 trillion won.

The number of active accounts in which the actual transaction took place increased by nearly 1.5 million in two months, exceeding 30 million.

[Individual investors: I heard that this is a great opportunity to buy Samsung Electronics or these superior stocks at a low price.]

As the price of real estate, which had increased sharply last year, has declined, there has been a large flow of liquidity in the market, considering the stock price as an opportunity.

The ants' buying trend was also concentrated on top companies such as Samsung Electronics and showed a 'smart money' character.

The enthusiasm for investing in stocks has spread to many young people in their 20s and 30s.

[Lee Sang-eun / University student: (In March) It was my first time. When the stock market crashed, I thought that a crisis could be a chance ... .]

However, in recent years, more and more people are entering into the stock market with debt, and the speculative tendency to take high risks and pursue high profits has become stronger.

[Individual Investors: About half of the (investment funds) received loans from banks with negative bank accounts… But it is high risk and high return as it is dangerous ... .]

As investments betting on a sharp rise in stock prices or a rebound in international oil prices have increased significantly, prices have been distorted, and financial authorities have even issued the 'risk' rating for the first time.

The real economy hitting is in its infancy, and the financial authorities warn that excessive investment should be avoided, as the financial market is likely to continue to sway.

(Video coverage: Heung-sik Kim, Gongjin-gu, Video editing: Park Ji-in, CG: Choi Han-eul)