[Restarting the epidemic prevention work with both hands]

"People take food as the sky. Food is a necessity for residents' life. At present, Zhengzhou Sinian Food continues to accelerate the resumption of production and expand production capacity to ensure market supply." On March 21, Li Xiaoguang, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou Sinian Food Co., Ltd., said The food company cooperated with the Zhengzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Transportation Bureau to carry out a point-to-point centralized pick-up and drop-off of workers, and received 25 bus trips to the factory via a dedicated bus. At present, compared with last year's peak season, the return rate is close to 90%.

After the epidemic situation has been effectively contained, in order to minimize the impact of the epidemic, Henan Province has begun to accurately and orderly resume work and resume production. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has established a platform for collecting information on difficult issues of key enterprises in a timely manner. By conducting questionnaire surveys, research and supervision, etc., it has learned through multiple channels the difficulties and problems encountered in the resumption of production and production of enterprises, and coordinated and resolved them quickly. At the same time, a daily dispatching system for the restart of industrial enterprises above the designated size was established in the province, and the situation of return to work and production was reported daily, and the typical experience of each place was exchanged.

"We are dynamically monitoring the new situation and changes in the resumption of production and production in various industries in various places every day, and in particular we are concerned about the resumption of production and production of leading enterprises in the industry and key companies in the industrial chain." Said Hao Jinghong, deputy director of the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Say. Foxconn is a leading electronic information company in Henan Province. It is also a large laborer. In the early days of resumption and production, Foxconn's labor shortage was very prominent. To this end, the Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology coordinated Zhengzhou's emergency arrangement of 622 passenger vehicles, and orderedly returned 20,000 employees from 8 counties (cities, districts), including Xinzheng, Zhongmu, and Xinmi. In the first phase of labor demand, after many efforts, the number of Foxconn returning employees has exceeded the level of the same period last year. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued 167 epidemic prevention and control software products and system solutions, encouraging enterprises to use information technology to help resume work and resume production. Xinyuan Information Technology Company's "electronic tendering system" helped many customers achieve online tendering and decentralized tendering. This not only reduces the burden on enterprises, but also improves efficiency.

“On the morning of March 21, our SAIC Group Zhengzhou Branch achieved the 500,000th vehicle production and production, which is a very special moment.” Ding Bo, General Manager of the SAIC Group Passenger Car Company Zhengzhou Branch, said excitedly, The Zhengzhou branch applied for resumption of work on February 18. The next day, the Zhengzhou Economic Development Zone Community Bureau, the Industrial and Information Bureau, and the Sub-district Office rushed to the site to organize the review, and completed the approval on the 20th. The company resumed work on the 21st, and achieved full production in a single shift on February 25, with full production resumed. Double-shift full-load production began on March 22, and the daily output is expected to exceed 1,000 units.

At present, the overall progress of industrial enterprises in Henan Province to resume work and resume production is relatively fast. As of March 20, 19,425 of 20,664 industrial enterprises in Henan Province have resumed work, with a return rate of 94% and an employee turnover rate of 73.4%. The 200 key enterprises monitored by the Henan Provincial Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have all resumed work; all 15 provincial-owned state-owned competitive enterprise group headquarters have resumed work.

"Resuming work and resuming production is a systematic project. We must adhere to a precise and orderly, overall view, achieve orderly flow of people, property and goods, organically connect production, supply and marketing, and effectively link domestic and foreign trade, and effectively reduce the losses caused by the epidemic to a minimum." Hao Jinghong said, In the next step, Henan Province will focus on promoting the resumption and production of the entire industry chain, led by the backbone enterprises, and promoting the resumption of production and cooperation in the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. At the same time, we will make every effort to solve the difficulties of enterprises, and effectively implement the fiscal and taxation, financial, job stabilization, and burden reduction policies introduced by the state and Henan Province to support the stable and healthy development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and accelerate the construction of public services, entrepreneur training, and enterprises Three systems of financing services; give play to the role of the government enterprise service office, and take multiple measures to help enterprises, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, to help them overcome difficulties.

(Reporter Wang Shengxi)