[Explanation] Aiming at the "stuck neck" problem that the epidemic restricts various industries, in recent days, the science and technology departments at all levels in Nanning, Guangxi, and many high-tech enterprises have relied on high-tech technology to adopt a series of new technologies and new products such as "cloud restoration", health code, and intelligent logistics , Press the "accelerator key" to resume production.

[Explanation] As the situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, Nanning · Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Base has settled in science and technology enterprises to resume safety and resume production, using science and technology to help the epidemic prevention and control. Guangxi Yinglun Information Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out targeted R & D, improved the thermal imaging epidemic prevention and control management platform, and provided rapid body temperature inspection in public places. At the same time, the "mask detection mode" has been enhanced to enable the subject to perform face recognition without removing the mask.

[Same Period] (General Manager Huang Longdian of Guangxi Yinglun Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

The scope of our application is probably government enterprises and institutions, and some communities. Subsequent stations and universities can be used. Maybe the next batch. We plan to lay them in primary and secondary schools or colleges when school starts. The role of epidemic prevention.

[Explanation] Guangxi Donghua Cloud Data and Information Technology Co., Ltd., which is also a high-tech enterprise, has achieved 100% resumption of work through remote work of "Cloud Rework". In response to this epidemic, Guangxi Donghua developed a city-level major project resumption command system also launched in many cities in China. The use of big data technology can quickly review the progress of major projects.

[Same period] (Head of Mo Meixing, Guangxi Donghua Cloud Data Information Technology Co., Ltd.)

How many workers return to work, (including) factory workers' temperature monitoring, data from people coming in, and data on his health can be grasped in real time.

[Explanation] At present, the flow of people is the focus of epidemic prevention and control. Nanning has activated the "Love Nanning Health Code" and implemented three-color dynamic management of "Green Code", "Red Code" and "Yellow Code" to resume work and resume production in all walks of life. Create favorable conditions.

[Same Period] (Huang Zhujian, Director of Hsinchu Community, Hsinchu Street, Qingxiu District, Nanning City)

Enterprises are required to require employees to scan the health code to enter the company, which can reflect the physical condition of employees.

[Explanation] In addition, the Nanning Big Data Development Bureau has recently collected relevant product or service information for the city ’s digital economy companies. After a comprehensive selection process, two batches of Nanning City ’s digital technology products and services to support epidemic prevention and control and resume production and resume production Reference directory. Among them, Nanning Citizen Card Co., Ltd. provides mask appointment applications for the general public; platforms such as the "Love Nanning" App provide chartered car booking services for enterprises that need to resume chartering.

[Concurrent] (Wang Shiguo, Section Chief, Urban Passenger Transport Management Section, Nanning Municipal Transportation Bureau)

Medical workers (for epidemic prevention and control) have made a great contribution. (So) we have added this item. After the medical workers have registered and certified through the "Love Nanning" App or "Travel Nanning" App, we Give them free (service), the time is tentatively to the end of next year.

Zhang Guangquan Liming Huang Sheng Nanning reports

Editor-in-chief: [Luo Pan]