CCTV News: On March 28, the State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on the restoration of commodity circulation and commercial order.

Ma Jihong, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Reform of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association, said that tea is a traditional advantage industry of the supply and marketing cooperatives, and the China Tea Distribution Association is the only state-level tea economic association in the industry under the jurisdiction of the Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. Strong influence. During the epidemic, the association gave full play to the advantages and functions of the industry association's platform, and mainly solved the problem of difficult tea sales in Hubei in four ways.

First, the live broadcast and cargo delivery mode. On March 18, a single public welfare live broadcast, the click-through rate exceeded 900,000 people, 890,000 yuan was sold on the day, and the subsequent series of activities brought 1 million yuan in sales.

Second, the official website opened a national key tea (collection) information platform. Nine prefectures and cities in 13 prefectures and cities in Hubei have entered this window, involving 24 districts and counties, 236 enterprises, covering 13 national poverty-stricken counties. .

Third, member companies are encouraged to purchase through multiple channels. For example, the Hunan Provincial Tea Group, a subsidiary of the Hunan Provincial Supply and Marketing Cooperative, has purchased and processed 600 tons of tea from Hubei since the beginning of the year, and plans to purchase more than 10,000 tons for the whole year. The total amount will exceed 500 million yuan. The vice-chairman unit China Tea Company has also signed a year-round intent purchase agreement with six tea companies in Hubei. Currently, it has purchased 8 million tons from Enshi, Wufeng, Jingzhou, and Huanggang areas, and the amount has reached more than 20 million yuan.

Fourth, a public welfare poverty alleviation tea project was launched. Under the guidance of the association, the small can tea company will formally sign a contract with Wufeng and Enshi in the near future.

The Supply and Marketing Corporation attaches importance to the role of industry associations in promoting the healthy development of the industry. The industry associations in charge of tea, edible fungi, fruit, bee products, etc., have issued initiatives during the epidemic, calling on member companies to actively fight the epidemic, orderly Resumption of work and production will increase assistance to related industries in Hubei. In the next step, we will continue to pay attention to the problem of selling agricultural products in Hubei, including tea, and actively promote the value of cooperatives that help each other and unite and cooperate, and organize the mobilization of the entire system to help.