Businessmen called for activating home-based initiatives to support national efforts to limit the spread of the new Corona virus, noting the important role of the private sector in supporting government measures and adhering to them and ensuring business continuity at the same time.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that its invitation to work remotely met with a great and positive interaction - noting the initiative "Stay at home .. work smartly ... work remotely" aimed at encouraging the private sector to work remotely in order to support national efforts Aiming at limiting the spread of the new Corona virus "Covid 19", confirming that the Dubai Chamber campaign came as the private sector has a conscious and complementary role in precautionary government measures by adhering to them, and facilitating the work of its employees remotely and ensuring business continuity.

In support of this campaign, a number of decision makers in major international companies operating in the UAE recorded video clips, confirming their commitment to the campaign, as they invited employees to work remotely taking advantage of the high-quality and efficient digital architecture and smart solutions available around the clock in the United Arab Emirates.

In detail, Dimitris Mazarakis, General Manager of MetLife in the Gulf, said that "in these difficult times, we must adhere to social estrangement, so we have taken in the" MetLife "group a set of measures that ensure our employees work safely from home while continuing to protect The interests and future of the dealers and their families, noting that the critical times involve opportunities to move forward, and we are working on this through following clear procedures that include supporting the customers and protecting our employees at the same time, stressing commitment to all measures taken by the UAE government to maintain public health and safety, and He called on everyone to do what is required and commit to the Dubai Chamber campaign "Stay at home .. work smart ... work remotely"

"Our priority during the current period is the health and safety of our community, our customers, our team, and of course our families, and we as a company take this very seriously as all our offices around the world have been working remotely since," said McKinsey & Company senior partner, Guedip Singupta. Several weeks, calling on everyone to adopt the same thing, as it is possible to work together to preserve the health and safety of the UAE community with several initiatives such as "Stay at home ... work smart ... work remotely".

"At a time when social separation has become an urgent necessity, there are many things that we can do together, such as supporting government initiatives to maintain the health and safety of society through working from home," said Amer Sheikh, the president of PepsiCo in the Middle East and Pakistan. We as individuals ask how we can set an example for others in you way. "Given that safety is our top priority in PepsiCo, we work in constant coordination with our partners to take more safety measures for our front-line heroes who maintain the supply of markets with our products through chains. Supply, and For the same reason, all of our office staff work from home. "Stay home ... work smart ... work remotely."

In turn, Nabil Habayeb, President and CEO of General Electric in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and Pakistan, said that he has been working from home for 10 days, and it is my duty to do this to ensure the safety of our employees, our families, and the community at large, thereby contributing to reducing the spread of the Corona virus. He said that working from home never means that the work will not continue, but on the contrary, we are doing a very important matter is to support our heroes on the front lines including site and field engineers and members of maintenance and field support teams who work in hospitals and health centers to provide support to medical staff Concerned with saving the lives of people, as well as the engineers who are in the power plants to ensure the supply of electricity and energy for all, and the engineers who work with the air freight and aviation companies that provide our daily needs. We are doing our part, and I invite everyone to do their part by committing to the campaign "Stay home ... Work smartly ... Work remotely."