(Fighting new crown pneumonia) Guangxi import and export enterprises resumed orderly and resumed production and foreign trade gradually resumed

China News Network Nanning February 29 (Reporter Lin Hao) Wu Ningping, Deputy Commissioner of Nanning Customs, introduced on the 29th that under the premise of epidemic prevention, the import and export enterprises in the area under their jurisdiction should be ordered to resume work and resume production, and gradually resume port clearance. Comprehensively resumed the operation of the Trade Point of the People's Republic of China. At present, Guangxi's foreign trade has gradually resumed.

Guangxi strengthened airport and port epidemic prevention and control to help enterprises resume work and resume production. A press conference was held in Nanning on the same day. Wu Genping made the above presentation at the meeting. He said that while strengthening the control of the epidemic situation at the port, Nanning Customs actively coordinated the local governments of Chongzuo and Fangchenggang with the neighboring departments of Vietnam ’s neighboring provinces ’Customs Bureau, Port Economic Commission and other relevant departments to conduct multiple rounds of meetings on import and export trade and cross-border goods. Reach a consensus on transportation and gradually resume customs clearance and trade activities at ports.

At the same time, according to the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control and the needs of enterprises, Nanning Customs has researched and introduced deepening “advance review” reforms, promoting the innovative development of border trade, supporting China-Europe trains and multimodal transport, supporting the construction of new land and sea corridors, and supporting the expansion of Guangxi cross-border e-commerce. Strengthening a series of measures such as "stabilizing foreign trade". In addition, it will relax the form of risk deposit payment, relax the pre-ruling acceptance conditions for the classification of imported and exported goods, implement the facilitation measures for domestic sales of bonded goods, implement classified inspections, support the expansion of the import of bulk resource commodities, expand the export of food and agricultural products, and optimize the entry and exit of border markets. Research and introduction of support measures for the inspection and quarantine of fresh agricultural products, reasonable control of the inspection rate of imported and exported goods, and other measures to fully guarantee the resumption of production and production of enterprises.

The above measures have effectively promoted the recovery of foreign trade in Guangxi. According to statistics, from January 24 to February 27, the customs of Qinzhou Port inspected and released 2.5609 million tons of non-governmental biological materials such as imported yellow soybeans, wood chips for pulping, liquefied gas, and mineral materials; Dongxing Customs supervised 18,300 tons of import and export freight. Among them, on February 24 a single day, Dongxing Port's import and export cargo volume reached 3306.74 tons, 250 inbound and outbound trucks, has returned to normal scale. On February 25, the Nanning-Ho Chi Minh SF cargo charter flight resumed; on the same day, 150 tons of 6 containers of Vietnamese dragon fruit were imported through the Pingxiang Railway Port, which was officially approved by the General Administration of Customs and obtained entry. After the qualification of the designated fruit supervision site, Vietnamese fruit entered the port for the first time.

Wu Genping said that in the next step, in response to changes in the epidemic situation overseas, Nanning Customs will not relax the control of epidemic situation at the port, do a good job of sanitary quarantine for entry and exit personnel and vehicles, carry out risk research and judgement, and accurately control the basis. Prevent the importation of ports in countries and regions with a large number of outbreaks, strictly implement the health declaration card reporting system for importers, and standardize the work of temperature screening and medical inspections. Strictly implement epidemiological investigations. Those found to have symptoms are strict. Dispose according to the port prevention and control plan.

In order to reduce the risk of cross-infection in border areas and trade points, and improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Nanning Customs will also take the lead in applying leading technologies such as "face recognition + live detection", "GPS positioning + electronic fences", and block chain anti-counterfeiting locks to change the crowd gathering and waiting in line in the mutual trade declaration area through the "Internet + mutual market" model. situation. (Finish)