Wind power exhibition European and other companies market offshore wind power Feb 26 21:06

As interest in renewable energy is increasing as part of measures to combat global warming, an exhibition of companies that have achieved results in offshore wind power generation has started in Tokyo, and the largest number of overseas companies aiming to enter the Japanese market are exhibiting. You.

Starting on the 26th at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto-ku, Tokyo is the largest wind power exhibition in Japan, with approximately 170 companies from Japan and abroad participating.

Among the power generation methods using wind power, offshore wind power generation is characterized by stable power generation using larger facilities than on land, and the government has designated promotion areas sequentially nationwide since last year as part of measures against global warming In addition, we will openly recruit businesses and promote them.

Under such circumstances, companies such as Europe, which have a proven track record in offshore wind power generation, are entering the Japanese market, and at this exhibition, some companies also came to Japan in response to the problem of the new coronavirus. Despite the cancellation, the largest number of foreign companies in the past are exhibiting.

Of these, companies such as Denmark and the United Kingdom set up booths and actively sold materials and software required for offshore wind power generation to the staff of Japanese companies who visited.

A man from a Danish construction materials maker said, "Japan is surrounded by the sea and the potential for offshore wind power is huge. I would like to find a partner and go ahead."

A 50-year-old man at a Japanese power company said he wanted to work with a European company with a wealth of experience.

This exhibition is open until the 28th.