Zhongxin Jingwei Client, February 26th. The official website of the Dongguan Housing Provident Fund Management Center released the "Administrative Measures for Dongguan Housing Provident Fund Individual Housing Loans" on the 26th. From March 1st, Dongguan has uniformly stipulated the longest loan period of provident fund loans to 30 years, and the maximum loanable amount has increased by 20%.

The main changes mentioned in the "Measures" include the newly-increased mortgage method of commercial-to-public loans, the increase of the loan amount, the equal principal repayment method, and the extension method; the maximum loan term is set to 30 years; cancellation Repayment time limit for changing the repayment period in advance; liquidated damages will be charged for 12 consecutive months after the loan is stopped ; loans for re-purchased commodity housing should be applied for in a timely manner after the transfer formalities are completed ; and the method for approving the supply-to-receiving ratio should be adjusted.

It is clear that employees who have used commercial loans to purchase their own residential housing in the city can apply to convert some or all of their commercial loans into provident fund loans and no longer require them to be converted into pure provident fund loans;

For those who meet the requirements of purchasing prefabricated houses, special talents recognized by Dongguan City, or applying for loans for five consecutive years (accumulated remittances for 60 months) without drawing any provident fund, the loan amount can be calculated in the calculation formula. On the basis, the maximum increase is 20%, but it must not exceed the limit stipulated in Article 10 of the Loan Measures, and the increase amount does not add up;

Originally, only the first-hand houses (including commercial transfers) with the purchase of the first house and a building area of ‚Äč‚Äčless than 90 square meters were allowed to apply for a maximum loan of 30 years, and the restriction is now abolished. To apply for a loan period of up to 30 years, you only need to review that it does not exceed 5 years after the employee's legal retirement age and the land use right of the mortgaged house.

The Measures also mentioned that on the basis of retaining the equal principal and interest repayment method, an equal principal repayment method was added. During the normal repayment period, you can also apply for an extension of the loan term, but the maximum is not more than 30 years, 5 years after the borrower's legal retirement age, and the term of the land use right of the mortgaged house. In addition, add a loan restriction, which takes into account the total household debt when calculating the ability to repay.

Dongguan Housing Provident Fund Management Center stated that since the commercial-to-public loan was piloted in 2011, the requirement for commercial-to-public loan must be converted to a purely provident fund loan. After this optimization, employees can convert some or all of their commercial loans to provident fund loans, and no longer require them to be pure provident fund loans. This will open up an application for provident fund loans for employees who cannot pay off the balance of some of the loan balance between the commercial loan and the provident fund loan. The gate is of practical significance to the employees who did not meet the requirements for provident fund loans in the early days but can now apply for commercial conversion. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)