Corona 19 has changed the working landscape of office workers. More and more companies are working at home instead of going to work, but it's a good thing for SMEs.

Reporter Labor Gyu.


Yoon Seung-jae, an IT company, went to work on behalf of the company today (26th).

[Hello. Good morning everybody.]

Communicate with your colleagues via SNS and make video calls when needed.

[Yun Seung-Jae / Kakao Manager: All colleagues are more reassuring, there are a variety of work tools, such as group calls, Facebook Talk, Live Talk is not a big inconvenience.]

Companies are declaring telecommuting one after another in fear of the corona.

In line with this, the Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry requested the self-execution of 180,000 members.

This is because, if a clinician comes out, you may face a fatal situation that closes your business or factory.

But many small businesses are different.

This is Gasan Digital Complex, famous for its industrial complex.

There are many apartment-type factories where many small and medium-sized businesses move in. When I asked the workers here, I couldn't even want to work from home.

[Advertiser employee: I think it's right to work from home. In the present situation. (We) have few peopleā€¦ I don't think it's going to happen because of the company atmosphere. .]

In particular, small manufacturers are concerned about their defenses, but are busy paying for them.

[Molder employee: You have to meet the delivery date, because the collection from the company also comes in, it is a situation that is a little dangerous, but I have no choice but to work.]

Despite the unstable economic outlook, companies are trying to minimize risks by shortening work and working from home, but the gap in the polarized working environment was clear.

(Video Editing: Won Hee Hee, VJ: Seung Min Han, CG: Announcement Number)