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Glory Zhao Ming: 4G mobile phones will still sell the biggest problem in business is misjudgment


China News Network, February 21st. Zhao Ming, President of Glory, talked about products and market planning a few days ago, saying that 4G mobile phones will still be sold, and the biggest commercial problem is misjudgment. Zhao Ming also revealed that Huawei ’s own App Gallery will be pre-installed on the Honor V30 series and X series phones that will be released overseas.

Zhao Ming said that 4G mobile phones will still be sold, and the biggest commercial problem is misjudgment. He gave an example of the peak sales period of each year during the Spring Festival in January. This year, about 30 million mobile phones are sold in the domestic market, and more than 80% of this number are 4G mobile phones. The market fell in February this year and was greatly affected, but as of today, 70% and 80% of February are also 4G mobile phones, or even higher. If there is a commercial misjudgment, all 5G mobile phones will be prepared. Miss such a good opportunity.

The process of consumer selection is a process that everyone gradually recognizes 5G. There is no switch in the market. It is screwed to the left and screwed to the right in an instant. It is gradual.

He said the impact of the epidemic was national. "For the mobile phone industry, the impact on the retail industry, especially the offline system, is very large. In addition, the impact will be extended to the supply chain, that is, the delivery of production. System. The impact on the entire industry is great, and glory is one of them. "

However, in his opinion, in addition to the adverse effects, the demand for mobile office and remote office during the epidemic increased, which will increase the demand for 5G networks and 5G performance.

"I think this will be a promotion for the 5G industry. I also believe that the corresponding government agencies and operators can see the other side of the impact of this incident on Chinese society." Zhao Ming said that this will accelerate the construction of 5G networks and Consumers are migrating to 5G mobile phones, and after the epidemic is over, the entire industry will usher in rebounding growth.

Talking about industry competition and product belief "Huawei has a very classic saying that products are the strategic forces that ultimately determine victory. The thing that I am most proud of is insisting on using products to speak with technology." Zhao Ming said, "I give honor to the brand. The principle is to go back to the product. "

In his view, competition can make products and society continue to progress. He hopes that everyone will speak rationally on the Internet, conduct normal brand communication, and build a technology brand that young people love.

Currently, Honor is preparing for the Barcelona launch on February 24th. Honor will release the pre-installed HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) Honor V30 series for overseas.

Zhao Ming revealed that the Honor V30 series and X series phones that will be released overseas will be pre-installed with Huawei's own App Gallery.

"In the future, HMS will become one of the consumer's favorite ecology in the global market, and it will take one year or even less to go through the road that others have gone through for years," he said.

Earlier this year, Zhao Ming said in his New Year speech that in 2020, Glory will play a sharp role in expanding the HMS ecosystem and work with Huawei to create a new system of "self-developed chips + Hongmeng OS".

Source: chinanews

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