The number of investors registered in the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, at the end of last year, reached 968 thousand investors, as the market witnessed the issuance of 4993 investor numbers, compared to 4,644 numbers in 2018, an increase of 7.5%.

The market stated in a statement yesterday that the investor numbers issued during the year 2019 were distributed between 4,498 numbers for individuals and 495 numbers for institutions.

According to the distribution of the issuance of investor numbers by nationality, the market showed that the number of Emirati investors reached 3370 investors, while the number of Gulf investors numbers reached 237, to register the numbers of investors of Arab nationalities 561, while the remaining numbers of other nationalities were issued with 825 investor numbers.

The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange index ended in 2019, up by 3.3%, closing at 5075 points, after recording its highest level at 5404 points in the second quarter of the same year.

The value of trading in the market increased during the past year to reach about 57 billion dirhams, compared to about 40 billion dirhams in 2018, an increase of about 43.3%. December 2019 was the highest in terms of turnover, which reached 11.1 billion dirhams.

Trading volumes in the Abu Dhabi market increased during the year 2019, to reach about 15.5 billion shares, compared to about 15.4 billion shares in 2018, an increase of about 0.75%.

The market value of local companies listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange exceeded 531 billion dirhams at the end of 2019.

57 billion dirhams trading value during 2019.