Today, the central bank called on bank customers to pay attention to phone calls or WhatsApp messages bearing its name and logo, stressing that "they are fraudulent activities."

And in detail, between the Central, in a statement issued today, saying: "We assure the Central Bank that we never ask customers to disclose their financial information, so we urge customers to be alert of phone calls and fraudulent messages that may reach them via the WhatsApp application and bearing the name and logo of the Central Bank."

He added: "The bank stresses on customers not to answer such calls and messages and not to open any link attached to them to avoid exposure of data to fraudulent websites in addition to the need to inform the relevant authorities.

The Central Bank continued: "This, and the bank warns customers that these fraudulent operations have increased in recent times and that fraudsters are using the name of the central bank to obtain private information and bank account data.

And he added: "Therefore, the Central Bank alerts customers the importance of protecting information related to bank accounts, credit and debit cards from fraudulent operations and unauthorized use."

He said: "Customers must realize that the central bank does not communicate with customers via phone calls unless the consumer complaint is recorded through the correct channels with a reference number and it does not use social media at all to contact individuals or companies, and therefore the relevant authorities should be informed of any suspected fraudulent call." .