The Federal Tax Authority, who is subject to tax, called for the necessity to deal exclusively with the tax agents registered with the authority and to be careful during the registration and filing of tax returns.
She emphasized that the printing offices are not authorized or accredited by the authority to perform registration steps and procedures within the tax system or to submit tax returns electronically and implement the procedures for payment of taxes due on business sectors, noting that the number of approved tax agents exceeds 320 agents working through tax agencies that the authority has formally registered .
Khaled Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the Federal Tax Authority, stressed the importance of the role of tax agents as one of the basic elements for the success of the tax system, noting that the authority was keen on setting accurate standards for practicing the profession of the tax agent to ensure achieving the highest levels of efficiency in the agents approved by the authority.
This came during the "Third Forum of Tax Agents" organized by the Federal Tax Authority in its plan for continuous communication with its strategic partners, during which ways to increase cooperation and coordination to achieve more rise in compliance rates and increase awareness of the principles of the tax system and its executive and regulatory mechanisms and areas of application and definition of the facilities provided by were discussed. The Authority to help taxable people to apply easily.
During the meeting, the representatives of the commission answered the common questions that were received by the tax agents and answered the queries of the attendees.
Al-Bustani said that the UAE is one of the first countries in the region that, since the beginning of the implementation of the tax system, has been keen to provide clear mechanisms for finding certified tax agents who have confidence and professional competence, as part of the efforts of the Federal Tax Authority to provide the technical and technical support necessary to reach a tax system that is compatible with the best Global practices.
He added: "In view of the fact that the profession of the tax agent is one of the new professions on the local labor market, the Authority has been keen to form the specifications, conditions and qualifications required of those wishing to occupy it a basic criterion for the various business sectors to choose its specialized cadres in this field as it stimulates the development of the skills of a new segment of specialized competencies Able to meet the new jobs that resulted from the implementation of the tax system in the UAE.
He explained that the approved “tax agent” is assigned to any person or entity with the aim of representing them with the authority and helping them to carry out their obligations and exercising their tax rights, stressing that the tax agents actively contribute to strengthening the relationship between the Federal Tax Authority and those subject to the tax system, noting that the authority is in the process of completing the approval procedures and registering a group Other tax agents.
His Excellency pointed out that the number of tax agents accredited by the authority is witnessing a steady growth in line with the continuous expansion in the base of dealers in the tax system and providing a greater opportunity for selection for taxpayers wishing to deal with the authority.