Asahi Breweries announced the sales volume and changed the sales amount to December 11 18:45

Asahi Breweries, a major beer maker, announced that it will cancel the monthly sales trend of beer, based on volume, and change it to sales based on sales. Other major companies are continuing to announce the quantity, making it difficult to grasp the share in the beer industry due to the difficulty of comparison, and it will be noticed how it will affect the strategy of each company.

The four major companies, such as Asahi Beer and Kirin Brewery, each month are selling the beer and sparkling liquor, and “third beer”, etc. The rate of increase / decrease is announced.

Asahi Breweries announced that it will cancel the announcement based on sales volume from the announcement for January next year, and change it to an announcement based on sales amount.

For reasons, Asahi Breweries said, “To ease the competition to acquire domestic share, which is causing the industry to become exhausted.”

Regarding beer-based beverage statistics, industry groups canceled their share last year last year, but each company has announced sales figures and fluctuations over a period of time, and estimates share even now. can.

In the beer industry where companies have been fighting intense share competition for many years, changing the way Asahi Breweries announced will make it difficult for comparison within the industry, and how it will affect future beer maker strategies Will be noticed.