A consumer complained to DED that the price of the product advertised in one of the outlets did not match the price on the invoice, which he considered a violation of Dubai economic procedures and instructions regarding the price match on the shelves with the price at the cash officer.

Maher Al Marzouqi, Senior Director of Consumer Complaints at Dubai Economy, said that the price mismatch between the shelves and the payment fund is a violation of Dubai's economic instructions, pointing out that the sales outlet was contacted to return the amount paid to the consumer and alerted the administration not to repeat the violation. The Consumer Complaints Section, in the Dubai Economy, had received a complaint from one of the consumers, stating that when visiting a Dubai outlet, he bought a product at a discounted price because of the discounts and promotions on this product, pointing out that after the completion of shopping and pay the required amount He checked the purchase invoice at home and was surprised that the value of the product was much higher than the value displayed at the outlet, so he returned to the outlet to check the price and tell them that there was a difference between the advertised price and the real price when making the payment, which prompted him to complain to the port because Not responding to his complaint. Al Marzouqi pointed out that when communicating with the consumer about the details of the complaint, he stated that the main objective of the complaint is to alert the port officials to update prices and abide by them, in order to preserve the rights of consumers, especially since there is a large percentage of consumers buy products and pay the amount without Ensure that prices are correct. He reported that the employee of the Consumer Complaints Section communicated directly with the Commercial Control Department, to send an inspector to inspect the port and check the prices, monitor such cases, and take the necessary actions, pointing out that the employee contacted the sales outlet official, and the additional amount paid to the consumer was returned. Al-Marzouqi confirmed that the outlet apologized for this mistake, and the manager was instructed to follow up the prices and products offered, as the outlet is responsible for the goods and products that are offered to consumers.