The Dubai Economy reports that maintenance companies are obliged to implement their operational commitments with their customers during the contract period, however long they may be.He pointed out that the contract is binding on the contractors, and that the maintenance companies must abide by the terms of the contract and provide the service as stipulated in the contract. She stressed that no additional fees may be imposed on customers to provide the service, unless the contract stipulates otherwise.

The Dubai Economic Department confirmed that it obliged a maintenance company to carry out maintenance operations for local air conditioners without additional fees, after receiving a complaint from the company stating that the maintenance company stopped working and demanding to impose fees not stipulated in the contract. The maintenance company carries out its obligations in the contract agreement.

Ahmed Al Awadhi, Director of Business Protection at the Dubai Economic Department, said that he had received a complaint from a commercial company operating in Dubai against a company engaged in the implementation of maintenance operations in which it confirmed that the maintenance company had not committed to periodic maintenance, as agreed in the A contract signed years ago, pointing out that the local company reported that a contract was signed with a company specialized in the installation and maintenance of air conditioners, where it was agreed to install a set of air conditioners, with a maintenance contract for five years from the date of installation of air conditioners.

Al-Awadhi explained that after three years of installation, the company contacted the maintenance company official to remind them of the date of periodic maintenance, but the maintenance company official asked to pay fees for this maintenance. He pointed out that the complaining company tried to communicate with the official in the maintenance company, to clarify the issue, especially that the contract between the parties is clear, and provides that maintenance is free for five years, but there was no response from the maintenance company, and therefore made a formal complaint to the Dubai economy.

He explained that the Commercial Complaints Section verifies the details of the complaint, by looking at the details of the contract, especially the date of purchase and installation of air conditioners, and the item that provides for the duration of the maintenance contract, pointing out that after reviewing these details, it was found that the company is obliged to carry out maintenance work for all air conditioners. Free of charge, for five years.

Accordingly, he was contacted with the manager of the maintenance company complained against, and was informed of the need to adhere to the maintenance work as agreed, and was then communicated with the official in the complaining company and directed to communicate with the maintenance company, to determine the date of maintenance, to be maintenance free.

Al-Awadhi stressed the need for traders to abide by the agreements concluded, as some companies and shops change their policy and offers from time to time, pointing out that these updates should not affect the contracts concluded and unfinished, where the other party has the right to benefit and get all what is mentioned in the agreement. The Company shall apply its new offers and policies in new contracts and agreements, taking into account the necessity of abiding by the laws, requirements and instructions related thereto relating to the practice of economic activity in the Emirate.