One month ago, Japan was embarking on export regulations, as well as economic retaliation, but many said it was to check Korea's semiconductor industry, especially next-generation semiconductors. But yesterday (8th), about a month later, the Japanese government first issued an export license, which is essential for the next-generation semiconductor process.

In that case, reporter Kim Do-kyun reported what the background of Japan's approval was.


In the global system semiconductor market, Korea and Japan are clearly competing.

Most of the market is dominated by the United States, with many countries competing for the rest.

In particular, in the 'image sensor' part, which is the main product of system semiconductors, Samsung Electronics is second to the world's No. 1 Sony.

The EUV photoresist, which is essential for the system semiconductor process, has been selected for export control.

[Moon, Byung-gi / Principal Researcher, Korea Trade Association's Volume Analysis Department: (regulated items) are the materials that will be used in future and next-generation items that will become more important in advanced stocks.

But why is the first EUV photoresist in 36 days?

The semiconductor industry speculates that in addition to diplomatic considerations, practical calculations have affected.

The Japanese company may be in a more difficult situation.

In fact, Samsung has reportedly imported EUV photoresist from Belgium and secured a stock of 10 months in stock shortly after this incident. It was said to be able to procure.

Two days ago, the company unveiled the Galaxy Note 10, which is packed with state-of-the-art system semiconductor technology.

[Cho Kyung-yeop / Senior Research Fellow, Korea Economic Research Institute: It is true that Japan needs time to think about boycotts, localization of materials and diversification of imports.]

It is analyzed that Japan is likely to select export-regulated items according to profits, considering the impact on its own companies.

(Video coverage: Oh Young Chun, Video editing: Jae Sung Lee, VJ: Han Seungmin)

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