Foodwatch criticizes the financial support of the Romanian EU Presidency by Coca-Cola. In a letter published on Tuesday, the consumer organization called on EU Council President Donald Tusk and Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dancila to immediately end the partnership with the US company.

In view of rampant obesity and diseases such as diabetes, the collaboration was "absolutely inappropriate". In addition, such sponsoring partnerships would weaken public trust in the EU institutions.

"The EU's sponsorship partnership with Coca-Cola is hurting the independence and credibility of European politics," said Andreas Winkler of Foodwatch. "In many EU countries, for example, is currently being discussed on a stronger taxation of sugary drinks - a policy measure against the Coca-Cola for years decidedly fought."

The Romanian EU Council Presidency is presented to you by:

- Stefan Leifert (@StefanLeifert) January 31, 2019

Foodwatch launched an email action that consumers can complain to Dancila and Tusk. Corporate sponsorship aroused the "appearance of a conflict of interest" and were therefore "simply unacceptable", it said.

The organization became aware of the sponsorship through photos on Twitter. They are showing Coca-Cola beanbags, posters and drinks at a Foreign Ministers conference in Bucharest.

The Romanian Presidency, like many presidencies, is supported by a whole range of businesses. In addition to Coca-Cola, the "platinum partners" include the automakers Mercedes-Benz, Renault and the mobile phone company Digi.