Car recall: BMW recalls 480,000 cars for airbag control

Because of defective airbags of the Japanese supplier Takata BMW orders nearly half a million vehicles back to the workshops. Affected are also 95,000 cars in Germany.

Because of potentially dangerous airbags, BMW calls 480,000 cars worldwide in the workshops, including around 95,000 in Germany. Affected are BMW 5 Series and X5 of the years 2000 to 2004 with non-standard wheels, said a company spokesman on Monday in Munich. Airbags of the now insolvent Japanese supplier Takata could seriously injure vehicle occupants by metal parts.

Therefore, the steering wheels should be checked. For most vehicles, a short check, with the others a maximum of one hour workshop visit, said the BMW spokesman for the Internet magazine "kfz-betrieb".

Already 42 million vehicles recalled

Too powerful Takata airbags, which can blow up parts of the metal paneling and throw them through the vehicle interior, have been causing problems for the automobile industry for years. In the US alone, the industry therefore had to recall more than 42 million vehicles