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A thermo mug made of stainless steel (symbolic image)

Photo: via www.imago-images.de / imago images/YAY Images

The hype around "Stanley Cups" is huge. The stainless steel thermo mugs have become an integral part of the hands of Gen Z and Millennials. They come with me to yoga, to university and sit in the cup holder of the car. So the manufacturer of the constantly sold-out cup really doesn't need advertising. However, a TikTok user has now given the outdoor company the marketing hit of the year.

Danielle, aka @danimarielettering, uploaded a video to TikTok on Wednesday showing her car completely burned out after an accident. She then takes her almost intact Stanley cup out of the cup holder, shakes it and says: "There's even ice in there after yesterday's fire." Everyone is always asking if the cup is leaking, no one is asking if it is melting, says the American in her video. She should have answered the question now.

The video already has 6.7 million likes and has been shared over 250,000 times. "The ad convinced me," one user commented. And another: "They owe you a new car, for this advertisement."

It remains unclear whether the company has read this exact comment. But the video has found its way to Stanley. The company responded to Danielle's video with a stitch on Friday. Terence Reilly, the president of the company himself, speaks into the camera. "We're glad you're okay. Thanks for sharing the video. It shows that our Stanleys are indestructible." He said he had seen a lot of comments about Stanley giving Danielle cups. Of course they would, Reilly said. "But there's one more thing," he continues, "we've never done anything like this before and probably never will, but we'd like to replace your car."

Danielle shared via TikTok that she saw Reilly's video and "almost fainted." I'm incredibly grateful to Stanley."

The comments under her new video? "Now I want a Stanley Cup, too!" So, despite the fire, the incident seems to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.