Mélina Facchin / Photo credit: PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP 09:02, September 30, 2023

A week after Lina's disappearance, the search for the 15-year-old girl continues. On Friday, a "large-scale coordinated operation" was conducted by investigators, who searched several cars. The investigations will continue this Saturday.

It has now been a week since Lina, 15, disappeared in the Bas-Rhin and still no trace of the girl despite the beatings, the sweep of the surroundings, the deployment of canine teams or helicopters. Lina vanished. On Friday, investigators conducted a "large-scale coordinated operation."

A vehicle wanted by investigators

The gendarmes are now seeking to verify useful information that has been brought to their attention. On Friday, they searched several cars in different villages, including a parking lot in front of a house in Bellefosse, a few kilometers from Lina's home. Forensic technicians painstakingly searched the vehicle for DNA traces.

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"The people who live in this house are quite honorable," says Bellefosse's mother, Alice Morel, but she supports the work of investigators. "We are all very moved in the village, in the neighboring villages and in our valley by the disappearance of this young girl. Our role is to respect the work of the gendarmes and to do everything possible to find Lina alive."

According to information from several sources not yet officially confirmed, all the cars examined on Friday would in fact be the same model and color. Investigators are reportedly looking for a specific vehicle mentioned by several witnesses and spotted on CCTV footage. Their investigations will continue in the coming hours, according to the prosecutor of Saverne.