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Logos of the largest providers: It's worth comparing

Photo: Manngold / IMAGO

Anyone who currently concludes a new Internet contract often pays more for it than they did a year ago. Around every second tariff at the major providers had become more expensive in a survey in July compared to July 2022, according to a market analysis by the comparison portal Verivox.

Specifically, there were price increases in 21 out of 41 tariffs – especially offers in the lower price segment. On average, the increase in the price of these tariffs is 7.38 euros per month, according to the information. That's an average of almost 90 euros more per year. The providers cite inflation and the increased costs for network expansion and energy as reasons for their price increases. The new customer prices of Telekom, Vodafone, O2 and 1&1 were examined, which, according to Verivox, cover around 90 percent of the market as providers.

It's worth comparing old tariffs

Despite this market situation, a price comparison can be worthwhile, especially if your own Internet contract has existed for a long time. In the course of broadband expansion, many providers have upgraded their tariffs. As a result, for almost half of the 2021-month tariffs concluded in 24, it is worthwhile to conclude a new contract with the same provider, according to Verivox, as better conditions are possible.

Here, customers benefit from a change in the law: In the case of Internet contracts, there is now a monthly right of termination after the minimum term, which is often twelve or 24 months, has expired. This is pointed out by the consumer advice centres.

Price increases and savings options also in mobile communications

In the case of mobile phone contracts, the analysis shows a similar picture: For new contracts, the price level has increased significantly compared to 2022, Verivox says. However, the differences between the individual providers are great. Verivox did not find any inflation at Vodafone and Telekom, and at O2 at a number of tariffs. 1&1 even increased the price of its "Allnet-Flat XXL" by 30 euros per month.

And here, too, there is potential for savings in older two-year tariffs: Two-thirds of contracts today have more favorable conditions with the same provider than in 2021 – and there is almost always more service for the money.