Jean-Baptiste Marty 11:24 am, September 29, 2023

14 individuals were arrested in Evreux in the Eure, then placed in custody several months after the urban violence. They are suspected of having looted a supermarket for a total damage estimated at several tens of thousands of euros. Nine of them are due to be brought to court on Friday.

A few months after the urban violence, investigations continue to find out the perpetrators of certain damages. In Evreux, in the Eure, 14 individuals were arrested. They are suspected of having participated in the looting of a supermarket in the city for a total damage of several tens of thousands of euros.

Video surveillance and genetic sampling

Among those arrested, nine adults will be presented to justice this Friday. The suspects were found after the exploitation of video protection. An ant's work for the police who were thus able to trace the perpetrators of the facts.

The various searches also led to the discovery of clothing identified in the images exploited by the police. Traces of blood found in the looted supermarket also made it possible to identify the wanted individuals. All of them acknowledged the facts.